AM Visuals

Studying BSc in Visual Effects (VFX) at De Montfort University Leicester, Ahad has had a fascination for the film making world for the past few years.

What started as a mere hobby of recording himself rant and create videos containing political satire soon turned into an overwhelming passion which he was certain he wanted to pursue as a career.

Whilst in the UK, he has worked with several Music bands and upcoming individual artists specializing in ‘run and gun’ type music shoots.
He also has worked as a motion design head for a Digital Marketing Agency catering to a number of highly reputed businesses in the food industry in the UK.

After returning to India a few months ago, he has designed animation titles for several Konkani and Marathi films and production companies.
He also works as an Assistant Director in Konkani films as of yet and aspires to one day leave his own mark in the infamous Bollywood industry.